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Initial Appointment


90 minute appointment including intake, evaluation and acupuncture treatment



45 minute treatment including auricular and body acupuncture points

60 minute

Combination Treatment


45 minute acupuncture treatment, 1 à la carte service and ear seed application

45 minute acupuncture treatment, 3 à la carte services and ear seed application

90 minute

Combination Treatment


À la carte Services

Chinese doctors have been using cupping for thousands of years to promote healing. Glass or plastic cups are placed on the treatment area using fire or an air pump to create suction. Cupping is great for chronic pain, muscular tension, and respiratory congestion.
An ancient technique of using a wide, flat tool to scrape the skin. While this treatment may produce bruising, it improves blood flow to facilitate healing. Guasha is a great treatment for decreasing cold symptoms, eliminating muscular adhesions, and reducing tension.
Acupressure is a form of massage therapy that involves stimulating both acupuncture points and trigger points in order to decrease muscular tension, muscular adhesions, and soft tissue restriction. Acupressure is also a great introduction to acupuncture without using needles.
Invented by a Japanese chiropractor in the 1970's, kinesiotaping is known to decrease pain, reduce inflammation, help maintain proper joint alignment, and improve performance. While it is most commonly seen on athletes, physiotape is a great addition for anyone dealing with pain or injury. 
Tiny black seeds from the vaccaria plant are placed on the sticky side of medical tape. Then, these band-aid-like squares are placed on acupuncture points on the ear. Patients can stimulate their ear seeds by pressing on them for a great way to extend the benefits of their treatment.
$25/15min, $50/30min, $85/60min, $120/90min

Therapeutic soft tissue work, customizable to fit each patient's specific needs.

Specializing in trigger point therapy for sports injuries, over-use injuries, chronic pain and headaches.

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